The power system is supplemented with 1,700MW of capacity

 Also in the first 6 months, EVN has completed powering 56 projects of 110 - 500 kV power grid with a total length of 625 km of lines and a total capacity of nearly 2,450 MVA transformer stations, including grid projects. Transmission power connects power sources and prevents overloading of power grids in areas, enhancing transmission capacity on critical lines. 

According to EVN's assessment, in the past 6 months, in addition to the impact of weather (the total amount of water for all hydropower reservoirs is about 31.405 billion m3, higher than the beginning of the year is 15.346 billion m3 - equivalent to 4 , 75 billion kWh) and Resolution No. 11 / NQ-CP of the Government, an important contributing factor is that the electricity load is more appropriately regulated by the manufacturing industry and the people. 171 / CT-TTg dated January 26, 2011 of the Prime Minister on strengthening the implementation of electricity saving in production and consumption. Besides, together with the stable supply of electricity for electricity generation and the demand for electricity use in the 6 months of the dry season, the growth rate is lower than expected in the first year plan of 18.3%, so in the first 6 months of the year Now, EVN has basically met the electricity demand for production - services and people's living needs, contributing to the economic growth of GDP of 5.57%, 

It is expected that in July, the system's load will be 314.5 million kWh / day, the largest capacity varies from 16,000-16,500 MW. Therefore, EVN will continue to exploit hydroelectricity according to the water situation, continue to mobilize coal, gas turbine ... and import electricity according to regional demand to ensure supply. electricity for socio-economic development and daily life of the people. EVN also continues to direct units to ensure safe and stable power supply for university and college exams in 2011; prepared flood and storm prevention plans, safe and safe operation of hydropower reservoirs to cope with sudden changes in weather and natural disasters. At the same time,


Mai Phuong