Access system solutions

Access control system is set up to control door entry and exit according to a predetermined principle, preventing people without access to restricted access areas or buildings. sensitive areas of security level. The components of the system such as card reader, controller, barrier ... are controlled by software on the computer. Outstanding usability - Control who enters and exits areas and time allowed. - Combined timekeeping for employees. 

- Grant limited access to and from important areas according to specific time of the day or week such as LAB, Server, Money Warehouse, ... 
- Provides Interlock function to allow the next door to be opened if the front door is securely closed. - Control against specific card fraud such as the system will not allow to re-enter the area if it has not recorded the exit of this area and vice versa. - Control each person in or out of a certain area to avoid those who do not have the card or the right to follow the person allowed to enter or exit the area. - For guests, the card only works in certain areas for a specific time according to the manager.

- Allows monitoring and alarming areas to monitor. - Controlling the use of elevators in apartment buildings, hotels or office buildings - Supervising patrols of guards in a building, hotel or office, factory Management features - Decentralize multiple security levels for multiple users at the same time. 

- Building systems based on Client / Server architecture and TCP / IP protocol allows to expand the management at different levels in many different locations. - Using SQL Server database allows to expand and support many different applications. - Support multiple workstations connected to the server simultaneously 

- Provide detailed reports as well as general overview of the entire system, can be reported via email, web-browser ...  
Basic devices include:
- Central controller 
- Card reader  
- Output card reader (or push button)  
- Magnetic lock - Sensor switch on and off (if any) 
- Computer, Hub-switch, UPS 
- Card printer - Printer report  
- System control software