About Us

 Sao Mai Mechanical Co., Ltd is a company specializing in mechanical manufacturing. Beginning as a small factory specializing in punching small stamping parts to support auxiliary industries, we are constantly developing advanced technology as well as product quality improvement skills. In order to increase current competitiveness, the company has a team of high-quality engineers and experienced workers who have a strong presence in the punching and manufacturing industry. The main areas of operation of Sao Mai are as follows: - Punching: sudden punching (cutting, stamping) details of the center on materials such as Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Seconds. etc. These products are widely used in the supporting industries of automobile, motorbike, electric ship building. , as well as household appliances such as cooking pot, electric kettle, pots, sink . etc. - Cutting corrugated iron according to the required size: is the product cut according to the shapes requested by the customer partners according to the demand and size required. - Chan: a type of sheet metal, round, hexagonal vy according to the deformation that the technical requirements set out to create a certain use. - Welding: assembling various details in the form of welding seams - Milling, turning, machining mechanical products and auxiliary mechanical parts, Precision metal machining products by machines Using high technology such as continuous punching machine, CNC, steam mechanical press, hydraulic press machine with dynamic force up to 500 tons, CNC milling machine, cutting machine, and other specialized machines such as implant bolts, welding machines Tig, Mig, electrostatic painting line with many typical products provided to civil engineering industry as well as precision mechanical and industrial auxiliary equipment, electrical components, shelves,. .